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Stone Elements

As many homeowners in Virginia will attest to, having a tastefully designed & constructed pathway of pavers, stone elements, or custom masonry that adorns the exterior of one’s property can not only improve aesthetic appeal, but it can also positively impact the monetary value of the property as well.

When that is the case, the overall value & appeal is not solely dedicated to the home featuring stone elements or custom masonry alone; often, the entire neighborhood is benefited by an increase in property worth.

Moreover, when one member of a community makes overtures to enhance the allure of their home’s exterior, it can often inspire fellow homeowners in the area to explore similar options and follow suit.


Stone Element Options

For local property owners here in Virginia that are in search of an incredible way to increase the value of their property whilst simultaneously improving its exterior aesthetics, we urge you to consider one of the many stone element options that our company, Carlson Design Build, offers design, construction, & installation coverage for.

Ranging from the installation of paved walkways that meander gracefully about a property to constructing a customized retaining wall to provide support and serviceability with equal efficiency; there are certainly stone element options that most any property owner in Virginia can resonate with.





Retaining Walls

Hardscape & Landscape Design Build Company
Hardscape & Landscape Design Build Company


Stone Element Services

Much like the other property services we offer, such as outdoor living spaces or customized gardens, our stone element services are also heavily coveted because of the quality, consistency, and fair amount of versatility that they typically embody.

To illustrate this, we’ve adapted our stone element services and general stone element coverage to include diversity in design, customization in construction, & ingenuity in installation.

We work directly with each client on an individualized basis to ensure not only the ideal choice in stone elements but also to maintain convenience where our clientele is concerned.