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A home’s garden, be it one designed for aesthetics, one cultivated for nourishment, or even a combination of the two, is often an integral aspect of many homes in our Virginia communities. This is why we’ve dedicated a significant portion of our home improvement-based coverage to accommodate garden services on behalf of our local clients. Whether we are tasked with mapping, designing, and constructing a customized garden or simply renovating an existing one through revitalization techniques, we are committed to ensuring beauty & bounty are the hallmarks of your home’s garden.

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Sensory Gardens

The benefits & beauty that a sensory garden boldly broadcasts is a breathtaking bounty to bear and behold for many. When a sensory garden is properly designed & cultivated, it develops into so much more than a mere section of a yard that supports a floundering display of flowers & foliage. For many, a sensory garden is likened to an actual experience, and more akin to sensation as opposed to the limited stimulation one receives from a traditional garden, such as an edible garden or visual garden. Most gardens are designed to be mainly visually striking; however, some edible gardens can stimulate olfactory (smell) & gustatory (taste) reactions as well. By contrast, a sensory garden is specifically designed to interact with all *five of the senses to not only induce comfort & tranquility but also to rekindle our intrinsic appreciation of the natural world. (*Or six senses, if one considers a sense of wonder as such; which of course is often the main aspiration that is spurring the inclusion of a sensory garden for their particular property.) While on the subject, it is with great pride and more than a little confidence that we openly offer our considerable knowledge, experience, and genuine desire to improve the properties of our patrons through our coverage pertaining to sensory gardens: mapping, designs, construction, installation, and/or planting.

Visual Gardens

There are precious-few aspects of a local Virginia property’s landscaping that can add allure, appreciation, and appeal in equal measures quite like a customized, visual garden. Typically, most visual gardens consist of a field of free-flowing flowers, sumptuous sections of succulents, and a fascinating fusion of foliage & flora alike. As many are likely to agree, a home that features a visual garden lends to the idea that sophistication, refinement, and more than a little class are not only desirable but also achievable as well. With that in mind, there are several vital aspects that are fundamental to the luster as much as the longevity of a visual garden that are important to factor in when considering what options are complementary to a particular property. For instance, it’s invariably important for homeowners throughout the many Virginia communities to approach the design, construction, & installation of a home’s visual garden from a perspective that addresses potential issues equally in the future regarding efficient upkeep and long-term viability. Incidentally, our company has a wealth of experience regarding all facets of a visual garden that we eagerly offer our fellow Virginia residents. To name a few, we provide custom floral arrays that accentuate your home, high-yield versus low-maintenance garden designs, and will remain as an ever-present resource for additional gardening services in the future.

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Hardscape & Landscape Design Build Company
Hardscape & Landscape Design Build Company

Edible Gardens

Adding an undeniable appeal to a home’s organic aesthetics whilst simultaneously maintaining a dependable resource for nourishment is quite readily accomplished through the inclusion of an edible garden throughout one’s Virginia property. Regardless of the edible garden’s size, scale, or preferred crop, there are a wealth of options for an edible garden that can suit the preferential tastes (pun intended) of nearly any homeowner. For example, many edible gardens feature a veritable cornucopia of palatable plantlife, including herbs, vegetables, fruits, and even spores, mushrooms, & toadstools. While the plant composition and organic growth choice can differentiate from garden to garden, if not region to region, there are several staple varieties that are commonly present through most edible gardens. But therein lies the true majesty of having a personalized edible garden: the possibilities for a garden that boasts a medley of fruits, veggies, and herbs or simply a selective edible garden that only fosters a specific type of crop are truly only bound by the ambitions and inclinations of the edible garden’s owner.

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