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A home, in its many expressions & articulations, is often touted as a milestone (and rightfully so) in our culture and is definitely an aspiration that many not only find worthwhile but inevitably auspicious as well throughout a lifetime. For instance, not only does having a home signify a level of attainment for a homeowner but it actually presents many opportunities; such as starting a home business or even growing one’s family. In light of this, our company (Carlson Design Build) has worked very diligently throughout our decades of trade to remain as a viable solution to many construction-related issues, inherent inadequacies that affect a home, and especially potential opportunities for customizing & modernization.

As a full-service contracting company with expressed proficiency in home renovation/remodeling, customized construction, and general home improvement, it’s our unwavering goal to bridge the gap between local demand regarding property enhancement and reliable availability. How we accomplish this is quite simple is summary but innately more complex in actual application, however, we’ve outlined our areas of expertise as well as aspects of our trade that undeniably set us apart from any of our local, would-be competitors.

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For a host of reasons, the acquisition, design, construction, and ultimate customization of one’s home/house is a lifelong ambition more than worthy of pursuit. A home, by and large, represents much, much more than merely a stationary structure, capped by a roofing system and internally divided by living quarters and storage potential. According to many homeowners and tenants alike, their home is indicative of not only success and status but also an extension of themselves. From the color palettes that grace any visible surfaces, to the layout of the home’s design, to the interior decor that creates the ambiance of a home; it’s essential that a home embodies its owner through and through.

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Outdoor Living

From outdoor kitchens supported by functional seating to customized patios comprised of high-end materials & unique designs, our outdoor living spaces are without peer in terms of diversity, quality, and longevity.

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Incoporating a home garden is an amazing way to not only give back to the environment through floral fostering but a custom home garden can actually provide real sustenance and an alluring appeal to a homeowner as well.

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Water Features

As a part of our ongoing efforts to maintain our status as a leading high-quality home improvement service provider in Virginia, we’ve expanded our coverage to include design, construction, and installation of [custom] water features for local properties.

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Stone Elements

Stone elements, such as walkways, retaining walls, or patio pavers, can range in design, size, and even serviceability so it’s crucial to endeavor to upgrade your property’s exterior through the expertise of an experienced home improvement contractor.

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Wood Accents

Granted there are many options surrounding wood accents and their potential to improve the aesthetics of a home’s interior/exterior, but that is largely only the case if installations, construction, and the initial design is administered by an outfit of both repute and efficacy.

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